Switching to natural oral care

If you’re making the switch to a toxin-free lifestyle, dental products are a great place to start because they’re so easily replaced. We often ingest the products we use in our dental routine, so it’s important to use natural and safe alternatives that are effective too.

It can be hard to completely overhaul your daily routine to strictly toxin-free products all in one go, so why not start with your dental routine? If toxins in skin care and beauty products make you nervous, it makes sense to change your dental products as well, especially because we often ingest our toothpaste by accident (and kids even more so). Oral hygiene products need replacing every couple of months anyway, so it’s actually quite easy to replace your current dental routine with natural alternatives and phase out the bad stuff for good.

The importance of oral health

Thoroughly cleaning your teeth at least twice a day removes any bacteria and plaque that has built up in your mouth, which is essential in helping to avoid tooth decay, cavities, stains and bad breath. Good oral hygiene can help maintain healthy teeth and gums.

Just brushing your teeth doesn’t quite cut it when it comes to establishing a great dental hygiene routine. To thoroughly clean your mouth, you need to brush your teeth to remove surface build up and floss to remove any bacteria that has built up between your teeth that your toothbrush can’t reach. Using a mouthwash also helps to kill any germs that may be sitting on your gums or tongue.

Natural dental products contain natural ingredients

No prizes for guessing that natural dental products do, in fact, contain natural ingredients! It depends on which product, but most will include silica, a natural mineral which helps keep teeth clean. After this staple ingredient, different brands will use different accent ingredients.

Natural toothpaste works hard

Essentially, the job they do is to remove plaque, neutralise acid, dissolve stains, freshen breath and maintain a healthy oral flora. In short, it’s all the stuff that mainstream dental products will do. Pretty handy, really!

Natural dental care doesn’t include nasties

As with natural skincare products, natural dental products don’t include some or all of the following: parabens, phthalates, petrochemicals, man-made surfactants (foaming agents), harsh abrasives or colourants. Some will also omit sweeteners, natural or otherwise.

Because they include natural ingredients and omit potentially harmful ones, natural toothpaste is kinder to you and to the environment.

Natural toothpaste is great for kids

Natural toothpastes, and brushes, are especially good for children, because they don’t contain some of the chemical ingredients that can cause irritation if swallowed, such as fluorides, aluminium traces and hydrocarbons.

Natural toothpaste and mouthwash can beat mouth ulcers

If you suffer from persistent mouth ulcers it’s a good idea to try switching to a natural toothpaste. The natural healing and soothing properties of these extract has been acknowledged by sufferers to help speed recovery and keep painful mouth ulcers at bay.

Your first step might be switching to natural toothpaste, but once that’s under your belt, why not try a more environmentally-friendly mouthwash and toothbrush too?

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Customer Reviews

Southern Soul

Customer Reviews

Natalie 23/04/2020

Faithful to nature

Great buy
Definitely one of my best buys in a while! My teeth feel very clean afterwards and look a lot more sparkly! I use this with the Bamboo toothbrush and Ayurvedic tongue cleaner ...a winning combo!

Lientjie 25/04/2020

Faithful to nature

I love my Southern Soul Tooth Powder!
Great product! My teeth look and feel very clean after using it. Its easy to use and last quite a while.

Renier 26/04/2020,


Love this natural tooth powder. Will recommend every time.

Elaine 27/04/2020

Faithful to nature

Good product.
Good alternative to normal toothpaste is just leaves a bit of granules in your mouth sometimes. But still a very good product.

Maverick 09/05/2020

Faithful to nature

Exceptional quality and cleans thoroughly

Cara 13/05/2020

Faithful to nature

Still a fresh bek
I pondered whether I had what it takes to try this toothpaste alternative, because let's be honest, we all love a fresh Colgate bek. But I can honestly say I don't feel at all less hygienic when using this product and I am slowly getting used to the paste consistency. I did, however, nearly faint when I saw for the first time what I was spitting out of my mouth - I felt like Tom Hardy in Venom. Nevertheless, it's not as dark as other toothpaste alternatives and has not yet resulted in any basin-staining issues like other products I've read about. Would recommend this to anyone looking towards taking a further step in the sustainability direction for Mama Earth.

Sharon 15/05/2020

Faithful to nature -Toothpowder
Mouth feels fresh

I felt I was really "going off thr grid" trying powder toothpaste and I am glad I did. I really enjoy the taste, my mouth feels fresh for a very long time and there is plenty powder in the bottle and a little goes a long way.

Nicole 17/05/2020

Faithful to nature

Will keep buying this product

This tooth powder creates a foam and has a nice minty aftertaste. My teeth feel nice and clean afterwards. I also love that the packaging can be 100% recycled afterwards

Khanya 23/05/2020

Great for smile bones. The after taste is completely natural.

Christine 24/05/2020

Faithful to nature
Different in the best way!

It's definitely something to get used to, mostly because of the texture! But it works really well, easy to use and my teeth feel super clean after