Cork yoga mat


Top Mat: Highest quality 1mm thick raw cork padding
Bottom Mat:  zero-slip support layer contains TPE/ Biodegradable.
Yoga Styles: Hot Yoga, Vinyasa, Bikram, Ashtanga, Iyengar, Hatha
Density: Medium
Portability: Excellent, Light Weight
Dimensions:  L: 185 cm


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Yoga mat

Looking for a healthy choice of yoga mat for your yoga experience? Consider the eco cork mat as your first choice as we believe it almost perfect when it comes to a product that benefits your health and the environment.

Eco cork surface


TPE underneath

No chemicals

Earth friendly

Non slip mat.

Holds no dust or mold

Only fifty percent of the tree is shaved during harvesting season and the other half is left to grow back ensuring there is no harm done to the tree.

The cork is then treated naturally and no use of harmful chemicals is used in the process of cleaning.

Caring for your mat:

Cork is naturally self cleaning but should you wish to clean it, luke warm water with a no abrasive sponge, chemical free soap (no bleach, ).Clean the entire surface and towel dry. Leave to dry in the shade and roll up once completely dry.


Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions N/A

Grey, Blue, Pink

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    Claire Barnard

    “I absolutely love your mat , took it to my YTT and every one asked for your details”

    May 16, 2018

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Customer Reviews

Southern Soul

Customer Reviews

Natalie 23/04/2020

Faithful to nature

Great buy
Definitely one of my best buys in a while! My teeth feel very clean afterwards and look a lot more sparkly! I use this with the Bamboo toothbrush and Ayurvedic tongue cleaner ...a winning combo!

Lientjie 25/04/2020

Faithful to nature

I love my Southern Soul Tooth Powder!
Great product! My teeth look and feel very clean after using it. Its easy to use and last quite a while.

Renier 26/04/2020,


Love this natural tooth powder. Will recommend every time.

Elaine 27/04/2020

Faithful to nature

Good product.
Good alternative to normal toothpaste is just leaves a bit of granules in your mouth sometimes. But still a very good product.

Maverick 09/05/2020

Faithful to nature

Exceptional quality and cleans thoroughly

Cara 13/05/2020

Faithful to nature

Still a fresh bek
I pondered whether I had what it takes to try this toothpaste alternative, because let's be honest, we all love a fresh Colgate bek. But I can honestly say I don't feel at all less hygienic when using this product and I am slowly getting used to the paste consistency. I did, however, nearly faint when I saw for the first time what I was spitting out of my mouth - I felt like Tom Hardy in Venom. Nevertheless, it's not as dark as other toothpaste alternatives and has not yet resulted in any basin-staining issues like other products I've read about. Would recommend this to anyone looking towards taking a further step in the sustainability direction for Mama Earth.

Sharon 15/05/2020

Faithful to nature -Toothpowder
Mouth feels fresh

I felt I was really "going off thr grid" trying powder toothpaste and I am glad I did. I really enjoy the taste, my mouth feels fresh for a very long time and there is plenty powder in the bottle and a little goes a long way.

Nicole 17/05/2020

Faithful to nature

Will keep buying this product

This tooth powder creates a foam and has a nice minty aftertaste. My teeth feel nice and clean afterwards. I also love that the packaging can be 100% recycled afterwards

Khanya 23/05/2020

Great for smile bones. The after taste is completely natural.

Christine 24/05/2020

Faithful to nature
Different in the best way!

It's definitely something to get used to, mostly because of the texture! But it works really well, easy to use and my teeth feel super clean after