Shaving soap Bar


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Why you should make the switch

1) It’s concentrated—A soap bar doesn’t have fillers like the air found in foams or water in creams or lotions. It gives you the lubrication needed for shaving in a concentrated form.

2) Saves money—One shave bar should last about 2 months depending on shaving habits

3) Simplifies your routine—Many triple milled shaving bars require a bowl, brush and special prep. Glycerin soaps and oil-based bars allow you to skip the extra stuff and rituals. And compared to shaving oils, a bar isn’t messy or greasy and is easy to clean up.

4) It’s convenient—This can work great for shaving, as body soap and even to your wash hair. Multi-use means less bathroom clutter and an easier cleaning/grooming routine.

5)Softens and moisturises the skin

6)Convenient for traveling


Ingredients : Olive oil,Shea butter,Caster oil, Coconut oil and essential oils.


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