Herbal salve


Herbal salve

  • all natural ingredients
  • treats various ailments
  • contains beeswax,herbs and essential oils
  • 28g tin
  • semi solid ointment
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Herbal salve

Herbal salve treats different skin ailments

Applied topically

We have hand crafted our own salve into a balm

Beeswax is a very important as it has amazing healing properties and antibacterial properties

Essential oils are extractedfrom the herbs

Calendula  is able to treat dry skin,eczema

Eucalyptus- Congestion salve to aid in opening up the airways for easy breathing

Ylang ylang essential oils has been used help  put the body in a natural deep sleep

Peppermint- used to take headaches away and create more circulation to the skin

Hemp- Arthritis, circulation and cold sores

Sage- used in lady cramps .Balances the hormones





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Calendula, Congestion, Hemp, Lady cramp, Deep sleep, Headache


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