Bentonite Clay mask


Clay is a miracle worker. In addition to being rich in beneficial minerals, clay has the capacity to draw out and soak up acne-causing impurities. With its absorbent, exfoliating and astringent properties, clay not only tackles the root causes of acne but also treats ongoing symptoms that plague breakout-prone skin. Read on to uncover the benefits of clay masks and why they are a must for your acne skin care routine.

Bentonite clay is the diamond in the rough. Yes, we are going back to our roots, and life is coming back in full circle – quite literally. There’s nothing the earth doesn’t give us, even though I wished we respected it a lot more than we do now.

Bentonite clay is a powerhouse that deeply cleanses your skin, flushes toxins, and removes dirt – in addition to the other wonders it can do on your skin.

  • Heals Acne

  • Unclogs Skin Pores

  • Draws Out Toxins From Skin

  • Naturally Exfoliates Skin

  • Softens Skin

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