My journey into yoga.

To be quite honest……i thought yoga was for the arty-farty “om” people if you know what i mean. Isn’t it funny how just a name can bring such confusion and allow your mind to think the worst, think differently to what something really is.. or is it just a lack of knowledge and misunderstanding?…

Yoga for me was the understanding that it was a Buddha related religion of which i am a christian so immediately my response was negative and totally against doing it for that particular reason. How small minded i was. I was absolutely clueless to the fact that i had only added my own thoughts in my mind as to what it was until the day i actually decided to attend a yoga class for myself and make a decision that would either change the way i thought or leave me forever wondering why people love it so much.

My very first time at yoga was at a hike and yoga in Pretoria with Tarryn from Yoga South Africa. I took through my yoga products and decided to give it a bash. The hike went off really well as i love the outdoors and being in the bush but the real reason i was their was for the yoga. Time had come to roll out our mats and off we went. I had such droughts in my head already before i sat down that this was for people who could touch their ears with the toes and bend over backwards…. well i was blown away. From the get go, i realised how challenging this was. This wasn’t about a religion … this was much deeper than what i thought. This wasn’t about competing to see who could touch their toes or handstand or balance the best, and as i took a moment to look around everybody seemed to have such a peace about them, a sense of wholeness and satisfaction in the fact that they were their for something other than just yoga and here i am totally baffled by the fact that i came here looking for proof that this wasn’t a religion! their must be more to this i thought. First thoughts were I’m so unfit…. and stiff and wondering if I’m gonna be able to walk tomorrow and hopefully had a change of view on what this was all about.

Let me tell you…. i didn’t even know half these muscles existed in my body until the next day. I actually quite enjoyed my first time at yoga besides the fact i could barely walk the next day. This was a full body work out without even realising how good it was for me. Since then i have attended a few yoga classes and have stared with a more regular routine. I have found yoga to be one of the most rewarding and relaxing things i have ever done. I have realised that it is a self journey. Yoga has the ability for me to choose what i want to get out of it. For many of us that very cliche saying of yoga being a “a mind body soul ” has become a little more real to me now. It has certainly taken me to believe the importance of taking care of my mind in the way i think., changing how i see things , creating more positive thoughts, choosing for my body to be able to be more flexible, subtle and fit. To me, i found the meditation part the most important part and the most soulful part of it all. It has taught me how to focus on the things that are important, manage my stress, control my thoughts, learn to discover new things about myself.

Yoga is a journey of self discovery and for all of us it will be one that is most rewarding no matter whether we do yoga religiously,part time or even for those who are considering it. It its a time to discover, to grow, reconnect, search, gain knowledge and a time to reflect. Its like a wilderness adventure, the journey is unpredictable but the adventure is rewarding .

By Jennie Rice


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