Keeping your teeth clean while traveling

How to Take Care of Your Teeth When Traveling

When on the road, do you brush your teeth the way you do when you’re at home? Probably not. It’s easy to forget proper oral hygiene when you’re jumping between hotel rooms, stuck on the train, rushing to catch a flight, or enjoying delicious treats. Then factor in the possible lack of sanitation.

There are smart ways to work around these inconveniences. Practicing good dental care when traveling starts even before you hit the road. And it works best if continued after you return.


What to prepare before you leave

  • Choose travel-size dental products .

  • After visiting your dentist for a routine check, pack a hygiene kit that you can easily fish out anytime you need to use the toilet. This may include a foldable toothbrush, a mini pack of floss, and toothpaste tablets. Regular-sized toothpaste tubes are not allowed in most aircrafts, and they run the risk of bursting inside your bag. Consider this when choosing travel-safe alternatives.

What to remember when traveling

  • Store and clean your toothbrush properly 

    Storing your toothbrush upright and air-drying it after use. This is because bacteria can build up in dark and wet spaces like your toiletry bag. 

  • Schedule your brushing and flossing

     Simply making it a point to brush and floss within 30 minutes after you eat. It also helps to bring enough supply of oral hygiene essentials to last throughout the trip.

  • Use drinking water for brushing While it’s always best to minimize waste by carrying your own water container, it’s okay to use bottled water for brushing your teeth in dire situations. Do this if you’re in an unfamiliar place, in the wilderness, or anywhere that has compromised water supply. If you think that your toothbrush has been exposed to unsafe water, replace it right away or clean it with salt water.

  • Stay on Track with a Travel Kit

    It can be very easy to stray from an oral hygiene routine while traveling, especially when we stay up later or sleep in. But, if you skip the floss or forget to brush, this can be problematic to your oral health and cause plaque to form. Stashing a travel kit in your glove compartment or carry on can help keep your oral hygiene items within reach. Simply fill your kit with travel-sized essentials like toothbrushes, toothpaste, floss, and fluoridated mouthwash to keep your breath fresh and teeth cavity-free.

  • Drink Plenty of Water

    Traveling gives us ample opportunity to drink more alcoholic and sugary beverages that we may not typically consume on a daily basis. But tiki drinks, soda, wine, beer, and other acidic beverages can damage tooth enamel and cause tooth decay. While you can still enjoy these beverages, drinking more water will help clean your teeth, wash away bacteria, neutralize acid, and stimulate healthy saliva production. To keep your teeth healthy, simply drink water between sips of acidic beverages. Better yet, swish the water around your mouth to get your teeth extra clean.

  • Brush & Floss During Pit Stops

    A good way to keep your oral health at the forefront of your mind is to brush your teeth at every pit stop. Whether you arrive at the airport for a layover, fuel up your car, or pull over in a rest area, let these breaks serve as a reminder to brush and floss your teeth. This rule is especially helpful for young kids who may still need to be reminded to brush.

  • Bring Healthy Snacks

    Vacation is the perfect time to try adventurous foods and stray from our otherwise healthy diets. While there is a time and place for dessert, it’s always best to reach for oral health-boosting foods during a long road trip or layover — especially if you don’t know when you will be able to brush your teeth next. Instead of packing candy or dried fruit, stash nutrient-dense snacks in your bag to ward off infection and strengthen your teeth. Foods like carrot sticks, celery, apple slices, hard boiled eggs, cheese, and nuts are all nutritious snacks that can keep your mouth healthy whether you’re traveling by car, train, or plane.


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Customer Reviews

Southern Soul

Customer Reviews

Natalie 23/04/2020

Faithful to nature

Great buy
Definitely one of my best buys in a while! My teeth feel very clean afterwards and look a lot more sparkly! I use this with the Bamboo toothbrush and Ayurvedic tongue cleaner ...a winning combo!

Lientjie 25/04/2020

Faithful to nature

I love my Southern Soul Tooth Powder!
Great product! My teeth look and feel very clean after using it. Its easy to use and last quite a while.

Renier 26/04/2020,


Love this natural tooth powder. Will recommend every time.

Elaine 27/04/2020

Faithful to nature

Good product.
Good alternative to normal toothpaste is just leaves a bit of granules in your mouth sometimes. But still a very good product.

Maverick 09/05/2020

Faithful to nature

Exceptional quality and cleans thoroughly

Cara 13/05/2020

Faithful to nature

Still a fresh bek
I pondered whether I had what it takes to try this toothpaste alternative, because let's be honest, we all love a fresh Colgate bek. But I can honestly say I don't feel at all less hygienic when using this product and I am slowly getting used to the paste consistency. I did, however, nearly faint when I saw for the first time what I was spitting out of my mouth - I felt like Tom Hardy in Venom. Nevertheless, it's not as dark as other toothpaste alternatives and has not yet resulted in any basin-staining issues like other products I've read about. Would recommend this to anyone looking towards taking a further step in the sustainability direction for Mama Earth.

Sharon 15/05/2020

Faithful to nature -Toothpowder
Mouth feels fresh

I felt I was really "going off thr grid" trying powder toothpaste and I am glad I did. I really enjoy the taste, my mouth feels fresh for a very long time and there is plenty powder in the bottle and a little goes a long way.

Nicole 17/05/2020

Faithful to nature

Will keep buying this product

This tooth powder creates a foam and has a nice minty aftertaste. My teeth feel nice and clean afterwards. I also love that the packaging can be 100% recycled afterwards

Khanya 23/05/2020

Great for smile bones. The after taste is completely natural.

Christine 24/05/2020

Faithful to nature
Different in the best way!

It's definitely something to get used to, mostly because of the texture! But it works really well, easy to use and my teeth feel super clean after