Heal your gut


Healing my gut

By Marguerite Conradie


Have you ever walked into a health shop, and done the loop of approval? It is when you enter, walk in a circular motion, nodding at all the wonderful things- too intimidated to actually read the labels and too shy to ask questions and then you finish your circle by heading out the shop.

I was there.

A good friend of mine, who is skinny told me she is going on a diet to fix her gut. I was shocked- so was everyone else. I asked her to explain why to me and she mentioned that her focus was on cleaning her gut. I asked her for wisdom, read a book she leant me on restoring the gut and then decided to give it a bash myself.

If you think of your gut as a net, it is supposed to let nutrients into your blood stream. However, sugars, processed foods and antibiotics cause these little whole in the nets to become massive so that partially digested food enters your blood stream. When I understood this- all I could picture was a giant can of processed poison that I was allowing to enter my bloodstream: Inflammation occurs. There are so many other negative effects like anxiety, depression, bad skin etc…

I started slowly. I didn’t want to throw myself into something that seemed to difficult to sustain. I always feel that if you are educated in your decisions, then you do not rely on willpower. I find I make smart choices rather than choices based on motivation which is so fickle. I started reading articles on leaky gut and gut health and changed my diet accordingly.

I never knew how to pronounce the big ‘health’ words because I come from a culture where everything is fried and your vegetables are marinated in sugar- also- if you do not ask for seconds then you are rude… Discovering health was so new to me: very new.

I have documented my journey on Instagram and I have had many girls share their food insecurities with me. Some have taken laxatives, others come from a history of starving themselves and some have also damaged their gut due to bulimia.

From starting out just trying to heal my gut- I have now been able to share my journey with people all over the world. What warms my heart is how many ladies are joining me and how vulnerable and real we are with each other. It has been a blessing to share my story. There is room for others to learn from my findings.

I have a basic diet plan that I share with anyone who asks but I am putting an e-book together that is sharing the knowledge I have learnt so that they journey to healing your gut seems approachable to anyone.

What makes me smile is that I feel awesome, yes I have lost weight too but that was never the objective. I embrace life and I feel awesome. I truly believe that healthy is the new sexy. Haha, I have even made that the tagline for my e-book.


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