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Inspiring people one breathe at a time .

Change in the work place can increase the demands of stress on all employers. Work related stress leads to depression, drop in work progress and a great amount of anxiety. Pressure of a work environment can cost a business a fortune in absentee-ism, reduced productivity, low moral, employer turn over and accidents.If you’re finding work to be stressful and cant find a way to manage it, Southern Soul Inspiration office flow will assist you in a form of gentle yoga to bring about wellness in the work place and well as personal wellness, stress management, fatigue and sore muscles.

Taking a break in the work day with yoga has proven to be one of the most effective ways in helping employers relieve stress  and get more focused. Employer will be able to make better decisions, more productive, have a better attitude towards work and co-workers

Southern Soul has designed a mini yoga flow to meet the needs of corporate environment. Our yoga at the work practices can be conveniently and discreetly done within the ones office space and in a shot period of time . We also offer strategy sessions and retreat days.

We provide employers with powerful tools needed to manage every day challenges and optimize health and well-being.


Southern Soul provides Eco cork yoga mats and equipment for yoga. All you need to do is arrive


R150.00 Per session

  • Lunch break yoga
  • 1 Hour yoga & meditation
  • Organic iced tea drink

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R430 Per session

  • Yoga and Strategy session
  • 2-4 Hours
  • yoga & meditation
  • Harvest lunch table

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R850- R1200 Per session

  • Retreat day
  • 6 hours
  • Yoga and spa
  • Specialised relaxation session
  • Harvest style lunch with drinks

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Frequently Asked Questions

Booking a yoga session or coportate session

This is the start of it all. You made it this far, now let’s get you on our eco cork yoga mat and get that flow going.


Please look at the calendar and book your time slot for personal or for corporate.

What should i bring?

  • Wear comfortable clothing that you can bend in.
  • Water bottle
  • Towel
  • Good vibes

Southern Soul will provide you with a complimentary organic iced tea drink and our beautiful eco cork yoga mats.

About the retreat package

Retreat package

Treat yourself with a retreat.

Our beautiful retreat days are held at …………………………. in the heart of Pretoria East. This beautiful hidden away gem, is a place where one can feel relaxed and rejuvenated. The natural bush veld surrounds a gorgeous dam, with wild life that comes to the waters edge. Take a slow stroll down to the bush, and you’ll find your self along the rivers edge, golden grass and lush trees where our slow flow of yoga happens. The rest is all in a days treat to you and your guest as we spoil you with a spa treatment of your choice, a unique sound therapy session/ creative session/cooking class/ recycle reuse project session followed by a delicious wholesome spread of healthy food leaving you utterly rejuvenated and inspired again.

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Customer Reviews

Southern Soul

Customer Reviews

Natalie 23/04/2020

Faithful to nature

Great buy
Definitely one of my best buys in a while! My teeth feel very clean afterwards and look a lot more sparkly! I use this with the Bamboo toothbrush and Ayurvedic tongue cleaner ...a winning combo!

Lientjie 25/04/2020

Faithful to nature

I love my Southern Soul Tooth Powder!
Great product! My teeth look and feel very clean after using it. Its easy to use and last quite a while.

Renier 26/04/2020,


Love this natural tooth powder. Will recommend every time.

Elaine 27/04/2020

Faithful to nature

Good product.
Good alternative to normal toothpaste is just leaves a bit of granules in your mouth sometimes. But still a very good product.

Maverick 09/05/2020

Faithful to nature

Exceptional quality and cleans thoroughly

Cara 13/05/2020

Faithful to nature

Still a fresh bek
I pondered whether I had what it takes to try this toothpaste alternative, because let's be honest, we all love a fresh Colgate bek. But I can honestly say I don't feel at all less hygienic when using this product and I am slowly getting used to the paste consistency. I did, however, nearly faint when I saw for the first time what I was spitting out of my mouth - I felt like Tom Hardy in Venom. Nevertheless, it's not as dark as other toothpaste alternatives and has not yet resulted in any basin-staining issues like other products I've read about. Would recommend this to anyone looking towards taking a further step in the sustainability direction for Mama Earth.

Sharon 15/05/2020

Faithful to nature -Toothpowder
Mouth feels fresh

I felt I was really "going off thr grid" trying powder toothpaste and I am glad I did. I really enjoy the taste, my mouth feels fresh for a very long time and there is plenty powder in the bottle and a little goes a long way.

Nicole 17/05/2020

Faithful to nature

Will keep buying this product

This tooth powder creates a foam and has a nice minty aftertaste. My teeth feel nice and clean afterwards. I also love that the packaging can be 100% recycled afterwards

Khanya 23/05/2020

Great for smile bones. The after taste is completely natural.

Christine 24/05/2020

Faithful to nature
Different in the best way!

It's definitely something to get used to, mostly because of the texture! But it works really well, easy to use and my teeth feel super clean after